A Failing Dental Filling Might Be Replaced

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Dental fillings are typically secured to the surrounding tooth enamel with a bond that is intended to last for many years. Patients who struggle to maintain good oral hygiene habits or sometimes put off their regularly scheduled dental checkups often have hardened tartar and other bacterial deposits on their teeth.

Over time the persistent presence of plaque acids could cause gradual demineralization in the tooth enamel, which could weaken the relationship holding the dental filling in place. Early signs of a problem like this might include a change in the tooth’s surface texture as well as worsening sensitivity.

If you have noticed a change in a previously treated tooth, you need to have it examined as soon as possible by our dentists. After assessing the severity of the problem Drs. James, David, and Mark Barry will help you understand your treatment options.

In a case where the failing dental filling is small, and it doesn’t compromise the structural integrity of the tooth, they might be able to install a replacement dental filling. The treatment process calls for removing the old dental filling as well as a small amount of the surrounding tooth enamel. The new dental filling can then be applied to restore the tooth’s basic function on your mouth.

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