Dental Veneers Can Provide You with an Easy to Maintain Smile

Minor physical defects and dental stains on the teeth that appear in your smile can leave you feeling uncomfortable with your overall appearance. Rather than deal with socially awkward feelings, you should schedule a cosmetic restoration consult with the dentists at . Dr. can administer a dental bleaching treatment can safely and effectively remove the… Read more »

Dental Exams Also Include an Early Screening for Signs of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer

Each dental exam performed at is designed to address the various aspects of maintaining strong teeth and a healthy mouth.  Dr. will examine your teeth and gums for any signs of cavities or periodontal disease. If an area of concerns is found, will help you understand the applicable treatments or preventative measures. The conclusion of… Read more »

Dental Whitening Strips Can Help Remove Surface Stains from the Teeth in Your Smile

If you frequently consume dark beverages, or use tobacco products it can cause light shades of brown, or yellow to appear on the teeth in your smile. If they’re not removed in a reasonable about of time these surface stains can deepen and saturate your tooth enamel. In a situation like this you should schedule… Read more »

Using Denture Adhesives

Dentures are a quick and easy way to fill in the gaps of your smile. They are convenient because they can be removed at night, and can be cleaned when necessary. It is important that your dentures fit well since food can accumulate under them, which can promote the growth of bacteria. But there might… Read more »

Summer Cavity Prevention

Summer is fantastic, and you don’t want to throw a wrench in it by getting a cavity! Here are some tips to remember to keep your smile sunny and bright. Two by Two: We all know to brush our teeth, but did you know it is recommended to brush twice a day, for two minutes… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Significantly Improve Your Smile

A white and winning smile can bolster confidence and improve your social life. At the same time, an unappealing smile with stained tooth enamel and minor physical imperfections can leave you feeling socially awkward. In a situation like this, Dr. can improve your smile’s appearance by installing dental veneers at clinic in , . This… Read more »

A Damaged Crown Demands a Dentist’s Attention

Dental crowns in , , have been designed to replace the tooth enamel layer of a compromised tooth with an alternate material such as gold, porcelain, or base metallic alloys. As strong as these materials are, there are still times when dental trauma can carry enough force to chip or fracture a dental crown. This… Read more »

Your Summer Smile You Desire Can Be Yours with Dental Bonding

Your summer smile you desire can be yours with dental bonding. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is often used to repair or improve damaged teeth with a resin or porcelain material to correct the look and function of your teeth. Listed below are just a few of the incredible benefits that dental… Read more »

The Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

You might have heard that brushing for two minutes twice a day is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy. You may also know that you should schedule two appointments with us every year and that you should contact us if you experience a dental emergency. If you don’t follow these simple steps, you… Read more »

Sharing Your Toothbrush: The Facts

Do you brush and floss your teeth regularly? Do you schedule regular appointments with a dentist? Do you ever wonder if there’s anything else you should consider doing? In reality, there are a number of common habits that could actually lead to a number of problems. For example, would you be surprised to hear that… Read more »