Amalgam Dental Fillings Can Replace Extensive Tooth Decay

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Your premolars and molars are the second-to-last and last teeth in your smile (unless you have your wisdom teeth), and they are primarily responsible for chewing up and grinding the foods you eat. But when cavities develop on these teeth, the teeth themselves can become incapacitated by unpleasantries such as sharp pain when biting, tooth texture changes, and increased tooth sensitivity.

It’s important to report any early signs of a cavity to Dr. David Barry and our team promptly so that we can provide the most conservative treatment available as soon as possible, such as a composite filling. When tooth decay on a molar or premolar becomes extensive, an amalgam dental filling may be the best option to treat the large cavity and provide the tooth with the support it needs.

Using a blend of special metals, we custom craft amalgam fillings for the intended tooth. They are applied to teeth while still soft so that they can be molded to the necessary shape and snugly fit the tooth. Our dentist then uses an ultraviolet light to harden the filling and bond it to the tooth, where it should stay for many years.

If you are worried that you have a large molar cavity and would like to ask our dentist about receiving an amalgam dental filling in Orem, Utah, we encourage you to contact Barry Family Dental at 801-226-0441 today.