Dental Veneers Can Significantly Improve Your Smile

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A white and winning smile can bolster confidence and improve your social life. At the same time, an unappealing smile with stained tooth enamel and minor physical imperfections can leave you feeling socially awkward. In a situation like this, Dr. David Barry can improve your smile’s appearance by installing dental veneers at their clinic in Orem, Utah.

This is a special form of cosmetic dental work created in a professional dental lab from a special porcelain material. The custom-shaped porcelain shells will only be subject to minor surface staining. This can help you maintain your white smile without the use of retail whitening products.

This cosmetic restoration typically takes two separate appointments. Dr. David Barry will start by examining each tooth in your smile to ensure there is sufficient tooth enamel to secure a dental veneer. If one of your teeth has been compromised by a physical imperfection, Dr. David Barry might recommend a porcelain dental crown.

Next, your dentist will shave a portion of the tooth intended for the veneer to make room for the restoration. Then, a detailed impression will be made of each tooth. This will serve as a guide for the dental technicians who will create the dental veneers.

You will need to return to Dr. David Barry’s clinic for a second appointment to have them install the dental veneers. During this session, they will cement the veneer into place with a dental adhesive.

If you live in the Orem, Utah, area and you’d like to improve your smile with dental veneers, you should call 801-226-0441 to schedule a consultation at Barry Family Dental.