Have You Wondered What to do if You Ever Knock Out a Tooth? Don’t Wonder Anymore

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The value you place on your teeth is important. We all take steps to ensure our teeth has a long and healthy life. Unexpected things sometimes happen in life that we can’t foresee. That’s why forewarned is forearmed. If you have a tooth is somehow knocked out, you should know what to do in order to save it in order to avoid needing to have it replaced.

If this happens to you, the first step you should take to save your tooth is to rinse off debris in lukewarm milk or water. Be sure to hold the tooth by the crown while rinsing and be careful not to touch the root of the tooth. If it is possible and the tooth hasn’t broken, try to re-insert the tooth back into the socket it was dislodged from. If this isn’t possible, store the tooth in the side of your cheek or in a glass of water to keep it from drying out.

After taking these steps, you should call Barry Family Dental to schedule in an appointment with Dr. Barry, Barry, and Barry. During your appointment, our dentists will try to re-insert the tooth back into its socket. If this isn’t possible, replacement options will be discussed with you.

There are a few options for replacing dislodged teeth. Some of these replacement options are dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures or partial dentures. The best of these options can be discussed with you and your doctor during the appointment. In order to learn more, call our office in Orem Utah.