Holiday Dentistry: Gum Disease Symptoms

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If you ever have heightened sensitivity or any sort of pain in your gums, it is important to visit your dentist to determine if you are suffering from gum disease. However, gum disease can often be present without feeling any pain at all. It is important to look for the signs and symptoms to determine if any forms of gum disease are present.

Looking for common signs and symptoms of gum disease can be difficult because each individual level can vary from person to person. However, there are some common symptoms that tend to appear quite frequently. Typically, damage to the inner linings of your mouth will be present. This includes gums that frequently bleed, or any signs of inflammation, swelling, or tenderness.

In addition, numerous other symptoms that can arise include a feeling of heightened tooth sensitivity. If your teeth are loose or appear to be separating, gum disease may be responsible. In addition, if it appears your gums are receding or pulling back away from your teeth, or if you experience any pain when chewing, visit your dentist for a gum disease examination. In addition, other oral ailments can arise due to gum disease, including halitosis.

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