Important Questions About Flossing

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Re-developing a habit of flossing is much like relearning to ride a bike. It may take a few tries to fall back into the habit, but your old knowledge should return rapidly. However, if you are wondering how to floss or how to improve your technique, we are pleased to offer some basic information below.

When flossing your teeth, take special care and attention to detail, as well as incorporate these tips for flossing:

How often should I floss my teeth?
We encourage you to floss at least once per day.

Does flossing require a special technique?
Take about 18 inches of dental floss string and wind most of it around your middle fingers so that you can floss each tooth with a fresh section of the string, avoiding cross contamination. Clean every single tooth, not neglecting the back teeth or the area behind.

What types of floss options are there?
The main options you can choose from are multifilament and single filament floss, either waxed or unwaxed, and both are recommended. However, if floss string isn’t ideal, you can speak with our dentist an alternative type of flossing tool.

Why does flossing matter?
This is an excellent preventive method to clean away plaque particles between your teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach, otherwise you could be at an increased risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

The more you invest into your oral health, the healthier your teeth can be. We invite you to ask our dentists, Drs. James, David, and Mark Barry for more information on flossing in Orem, Utah, if you have any questions. Contact Barry Family Dental at 801-226-0441 today for an appointment!