Your Summer Smile You Desire Can Be Yours with Dental Bonding

Your summer smile you desire can be yours with dental bonding. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is often used to repair or improve damaged teeth with a resin or porcelain material to correct the look and function of your teeth. Listed below are just a few of the incredible benefits that dental… Read more »

The Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth

You might have heard that brushing for two minutes twice a day is an important part of keeping your teeth healthy. You may also know that you should schedule two appointments with us every year and that you should contact us if you experience a dental emergency. If you don’t follow these simple steps, you… Read more »

Sharing Your Toothbrush: The Facts

Do you brush and floss your teeth regularly? Do you schedule regular appointments with a dentist? Do you ever wonder if there’s anything else you should consider doing? In reality, there are a number of common habits that could actually lead to a number of problems. For example, would you be surprised to hear that… Read more »

A Dental Fracture Likely Needs First Aid While Seeking Professional Dental Care

Dental fractures can vary in size and severity, depending on the initial source. While most are caused from dental accidents or chronic night grinding, it is possible for bad habits like chewing on objects or using your teeth as tools to also fracture a tooth. At the same time, athletes who play or practice without… Read more »

Gum Recession: The Causes

What have you heard about gum recession? Sadly, gum recession can be a fairly serious issue that you could have to deal with. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to deal with gum recession. In fact, there are many symptoms you should be able to recognize from your own home. If you are suffering… Read more »

The Tips You Need to Keep Your Baby’s Teeth in Pristine Condition

Do you want to keep your baby’s smile in tip-top shape? If so, then our dental team has the helpful tips and information you need! There are many things you need to do on a regular basis to give your baby the top-notch oral health and smile they deserve. Those things are: –Use fluoride: Fluoride… Read more »

Have You Wondered What to do if You Ever Knock Out a Tooth? Don’t Wonder Anymore

The value you place on your teeth is important. We all take steps to ensure our teeth has a long and healthy life. Unexpected things sometimes happen in life that we can’t foresee. That’s why forewarned is forearmed. If you have a tooth is somehow knocked out, you should know what to do in order… Read more »

A Deeply Stained Smile Can Be Whitened by a Dental Bleaching Treatment

There are several different things that can cause stains on tooth enamel. This could be as innocuous as eating dark foods and drinking dark beverages on a regular basis. At the same time, even occasional tobacco use can quickly cause stains to penetrate deep into your teeth. To effectively whiten a smile that suffers from… Read more »

An Injured Lip Might Need First Aid and Professional Treatment

Accidentally biting your lip when you’re enjoying a snack or a meal can give you a shock of pain and can be a bit of a nuisance, yet these situations rarely result in a significant lip injury. However, there are other times when a hard blow to the face or a bad fall can cause… Read more »

The Ways to Eliminate Dental Phobia

Do you get scared and nervous when you attend your dental appointments? If so, you might suffer from dental anxiety in , . Dental anxiety is a real problem that many people have, so you’re not alone. To help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in the dental chair, our dental team encourages you to… Read more »