Smile Renovations: Dental Bridges

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Building the smile of your dreams begins with having a complete smile. If you have any lost or missing teeth, your mouth may look sunken in, and you may look older than you actually are. Missing teeth can give give bacteria and plaque places to accumulate and can even destabilize your gums and cause your jaw bone to weaken. Your other teeth may begin to move out of their proper alignment. To help combat these effects, your missing teeth will be need to be replaced. One highly effective treatment is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are permanently anchored to the neighboring teeth for a solid hold, and do not require you to alter your diet. This is because dental bridges will not move around so you can enjoy all the foods that you have come to know and love, including tough and chewy foods such as steak. A bridge can also improve your ability to speak, as well. One of the key benefits that bridges can provide is the aesthetic improvement to your smile. A complete smile is much more beneficial for your self-esteem and your self-image.

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