Stop Gum Recession in Its Tracks With Prompt Treatment

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When it comes to gum recession, there are many signs to be aware of, including longer-looking teeth, tooth sensitivity, regularly bleeding gums, changes in the appearance of your smile, and dental pain. Notify our office today if you notice any of these signs of gum recession. Our team will gladly help you identify the cause of gum recession and provide the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Aging is one of the most common causes of a receding gum line, though it can occur from tooth grinding, overcrowding of teeth, brushing too hard, and experiencing tooth trauma. It’s better for your smile and future dental health to prioritize the prevention of gum recession over treating a problem when it arise. Taking time to brush and floss every day can prevent receding gum lines.

If you know you are struggling with gum recession, come see our team for treatment such as a deep cleaning, a mouthguard to wear during the night, choosing a better toothbrush, or receiving corrective treatment.

Give Barry Family Dental a call at 801-226-0441 today to discuss your options for gum recession treatment in Orem, Utah. So that our dentists, Dr. David Barry, can address the issue promptly and help you protect your smile in the future.