Summer Cavity Prevention

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Summer is fantastic, and you don’t want to throw a wrench in it by getting a cavity! Here are some tips to remember to keep your smile sunny and bright.

Two by Two: We all know to brush our teeth, but did you know it is recommended to brush twice a day, for two minutes each session? 2×2. Easy enough to remember, and foundational for good oral health.
Flossing Well: It is recommended that you floss once a day, for 2-3 minutes per session. Use an 18 inch piece of floss, as this lets you use a new section of thread for each tooth. Go all the way around each tooth, including the back row! If you are just beginning your flossing habit, some discomfort is common–but if it persists for more than a couple weeks, call your dentist.

Good Food: Strong teeth come not only from how you clean them, but what you put into your body! Foods rich in calcium and phosphorous, such as cheese, are excellent for oral health. Can’t have dairy? Try including other calcium-rich foods such as beans and dark leafy greens into your diet.

Regular Dental Visits: Before you go on vacation, remember to schedule your regular dental visit for the season. This allows your doctor to have up-to-date information on your teeth, as well as catch any problems early. Professional cleanings are also good for teeth and can help prevent cavities from developing.

Here at Barry Family Dental, we are dedicated to helping you maintain a healthy summer smile. Dr. David Barry and our team are ready to help you keep your smile sunny and strong! Call Barry Family Dental at 801-226-0441 to schedule your appointment today!