We Recommend the Water Flosser

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Are you looking for a different way to floss your teeth? Then water flossing might work for you. Water flossing generally provides all the benefits of using dental floss while being easier to handle, particularly if normal flossing is harder for you than most others.

Water flossing requires a small, handheld device that draws water from a tank you place on your counter. It squirts water between your teeth, removing plaque and remaining food that has built up in there. Moving the device around your teeth is much easier than handling dental floss.

We recommend the water flosser to people who cannot floss easily. If moving your hands or moving in general is difficult, then a water flosser can help you perform this necessary part of oral hygiene again.

We also recommend it for people who have dental inserts, such as braces. Braces can make it really difficult to get floss into the spaces between teeth. With a water flosser, you can get to those areas much more easily.

Even so, we still recommend you brush twice a day. While water flossers make great helpers, brushing is not made obsolete. It is still a primary aspect of dental care.

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